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Altinvest expands investment portfolio, announces launch of Gold investment

In response to the growing demand for alternative investment assets and a diversified portfolio for investors, Nigeria’s first ethical investment platform, Altinvest, has announced the launch of precious metal Gold investment on its digital platform.

A digital investment product of The Alternative Bank, the non-interest arm of Sterling Financial Holding Company, Altinvest is known for offering its investors access to impact-focused investment opportunities, all of which are focused on wealth creation, capital appreciation, and supporting economic activities directed toward inclusion, growth, and development without compromising their ethics.

The new investment option is expected to be well-received by Altinvest app users as it avails them a convenient way to diversify their investment portfolio by subscribing to this precious metal that has historically kept its value over the years, ascertain their risks, and protect invested funds from market volatility and downturn, especially when compared to other forms of conventional investment instruments.

Speaking during the launch in Lagos, Mohammed Yunusa, Director Digital Business and Innovations, at the Alternative Bank, remarked that the demand for a varied portfolio by its consumers led to the inclusion of gold investment offerings in the array of Altinvest’s existing portfolio. “We are thrilled to announce the availability of Gold on the Altinvest app,” he stated. “It has become clear that more retail investors are drawn to the possibility of investing in gold since it is low-risk and extremely profitable, and we have made this feasible by selling actual physical gold that can be delivered to everyone when they need it at competitive rates and, more importantly, securely on our Altinvest app.

This exciting development reaffirms our commitment to guiding our investors on the right track on this journey of building wealth without compromising on their ethics or beliefs.”

Also speaking at the event, Gbenga Awe, Group Head of Agric Finance & Solid Minerals, Sterling Alternative Finance mentioned that “Gold, being the world’s oldest form of currency, is a great addition to investment offerings for our customers, and by launching it on the digital platform, we have made it simple to acquire and accessible to all with a smartphone device.”

Awe further stated “Our priority is to drive mass adoption of this commodity at affordable ticket sizes. Unlike other investment platforms, you can acquire as little as 1 gram of gold at the best rates on our digital investment app, Altinvest, and you will be issued a certificate of ownership which gives you bragging rights as the proud owner of a piece of gold.”

During the live demonstration of the app, it was stated that Altinvest also allows users to track the performance of their gold investments in real-time.

Users can use this feature to track the market value of their investments and make informed decisions about buying or selling.

The investment app was said to also provide a variety of additional investment alternatives, such as Sukuk bonds and real estate investments, providing investors with a varied selection of investment options to choose from.

The Altinvest app is available for download on the Google Play Store and iOS Store on any internet-enabled device.

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