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At last, Ezekwesili reveals answer to bad governace in Africa 

A former Minister of Education, Dr. Mrs Oby Ezekwesili, has said the School of Politics, Policy and Governance (SPPG), is the answer to bad governance in Africa.

Mrs Ezekwesili said it was not the destiny of the continent to be governed by the worst set of leaders among the citizens, urging Africans to reject and act with a view to correcting the trend.

She said Africa could become the greatest continent in the 21st century if citizens unite to change its leadership system. 

Ezekwesili said this at the 2023 graduation of the students of School of Politics, Policy and Governance (SPPG), Saturday, in Abuja, which is the third graduating set since the inception of the school. 

She said that it was generally accepted that leadership is the basic challenge of the continent.

“If we succeed in correcting the leadership anomaly that we have on our continent, one thing is setting, Africa will claim the 21st century.

“What ultimately concludes the matter is that Africa’s problem is poor public leadership; we have said it so often as a continent. 

“The SPPG is our answer and our response to that problem. We are saying that it is not our destiny to be governed by the worst amongst us. And if you reject a situation then you must act to correct that situation. 

Ezekwesili who if the founder of the SPPG said that the school was born out of the need to groom leaders with integrity to saturate the political and business sectors so as to cause positive change. 

She urged the graduans to always be of good character and uphold the values of character, competence and capacity preached by the school.

Ezekwesili warned that the certificate issued to them would be retrieved if they are found wanting in character or competence in any public office.

In his keynote address, Mr Gift Siziba, a Member of Parliament in Zimbabwe said education is the best tool for attitudinal change. 

He said that education should be free for all African child as Africa was in need ideas which education can birth. 

The parliamentarian said urged African citizens not to lose hope in the continent, expressing confidence for a better future.

“If we cannot run, we will walk, if we cannot walk, we will crawl, if we cannot, we will keep moving on.

“A day will come when we will get into power, make the required changes and make life better for our people.

“All of us here, I have doubt in my mind that one day, we will join hands to tell the success story of Africa,” he said. 

The Vice Chancellor of the school, Mrs Alero Otobo said that there are total of 184 graduans in the 2023 set.

She referred to the graduans as custodians of Africa’s future, urging them to uphold integrity, excellence, resilience, be tireless, be angry for good and never to negotiate values. 

She commended the team of faculties and partners for their support and commended the graduans for making themselves available for learning. 

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