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Breaking: Opay faces controversy as Nigerians discover they have accounts without opening one

Fintech company, OPay, may have some explanations to do to Nigerians and the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) as many people are now discovering they have an account in their name with the company even without opening one.

The issue that surfaced on the social media platform, X, on Monday has seen many people coming out to confirm that they are just discovering they have an account with the company through their mobile number.

OPay as a licensed mobile money operator, uses customers’ mobile numbers as their account numbers.

It is, however, unclear yet how people who have not approached the company for account opening are seeing their number as an OPay account with their full names.

Nairmetrics put this claim to test with a phone number that has never been registered with OPay, using a GTBank app and it indeed brought out our Analyst’s full name.

A test transaction was initiated to transfer N200 to the account and it successfully went through.

A debit alert was received from GTB, but the question remains where did the money go?


Details shortly…


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