Buhari’s Praise singer Rarara says Tinubu’s 100 days in office better than ex-President Buhari’s eight years

Dauda ‘Rarara’ Kahutu, a Hausa musician famous for singing the praise of Muhammadu Buhari, says President Bola Tinubu’s 100 days in office is better than the former president’s eight years in office.  

“Tinubu’s 100 days in office is better than Buhari’s eight-year tenure,” Rarara said in an interview with journalists in Kano on Thursday.

Citing insecurity on the Kano-Abuja road as an instance, Rarara said, “For about seven years when Buhari was president, the road has been terrible, but since Tinubu came on board, the road became secured.

“For over three months now, the road has been very secure. A lot was done to curtail the insecurity, but it was not just publicised.”

In early July, Peoples Gazette reported increased killings by bandits in some states shortly after Mr Tinubu assumed office.

But Rarara, who came into the limelight after waxing Buhari’s 2014 campaign jingle, “Masugu Sugudu,” further said, “Buhari made sure he destroyed this country before leaving office. He destroyed everything. And I want them to let Nigerians know.”

Contrary to Rarara’s stance that Mr Buhari failed, the former president had said he did his best for Nigeria, claiming he stabilised the Nigerian economy, curbed corruption and secured the country. 

Rarara’s criticisms of the Buhari regime and praise of Mr Tinubu’s government come amid economic hardship increased by the fuel subsidy removal by the president.

Mr Tinubu, on May 29, announced fuel subsidy is gone, a pronouncement that saw fuel prices skyrocket from N145 to N540 and later N625, while inflation and food prices hit the roof. 

Though analysts have lauded Mr Tinubu for scrapping fuel subsidy, the president, on several occasions, admitted that suffering has increased in the country due to his government’s policy. 

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