Burkinabe counter coup plotter killed in cross fire while resisting arrest

Breaking – Burkina Faso – the military justice just released a statement about the death of this military officer Ismael Touhogobou! He was one of the accomplices who participated in the attempted coup against Ibrahim Traore. Here’s what happened: The military justice summoned the commander who was involved in the plot, but he never responded to the summons. A warrant was issued for his arrest and his hiding place was located. When the soldiers went to his home this Sunday morning around 7am to arrest him, he opened fire and severely injured one of them, who is currently admitted in a hospital. Unfortunately, their response resulted in this death. The question is: why didn’t he go to answer the summon? If he didn’t have anything to hide, or if he didn’t feel guilty, why did he refused to go to court ? And worst, when the soldiers got to his house, he started shooting at them. So, they had to take him down! You see, a close friend of mine who is his colleague is the one who sent me his picture. He told me that when he heard the news, he wasn’t surprised because, according to him, the man is too prideful. He said when they were serving in Darfour together, the UN sent the man back home for insubordination. He said the man doesn’t like to take orders. Smh! Now, to exploit this situation, the plotters, as usual, decided to make a headlong flight, knowing that military justice would report the incident. Since this morning, I’ve been seeing posts of some activists who hate this transitional govt, claiming that it’s the squadrons of Ibrahim Traore who simply executed the man. They didn’t even wait to get more information on the incident, but they started speculating. Anyway, I want the government to rat out all the plotters, and let this be a warning to all those who are plotting against this country! If you as an officer, you are invited to participate in a plot against your country, it is important that you think twice, because we’ve had enough with the traitors!


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