Curses will only worsen country’s situation; pray for your leaders, cleric charges Nigerians

Olatunbosun Emmanuel, pastor of Jesus Reign Church in Ilorin, has urged Nigerians to pray for the country’s leadership and give constituted authorities the maximum cooperation for a better nation.

Mr Emmanuel gave the advice in Ilorin on Saturday while speaking in an interview on how Nigerians can contribute meaningfully to the nation’s growth.

He said the leadership of the country needed support and prayers, and not curses.

He added that most people in Nigeria were fond of cursing their leaders and calling them negative names, rather than praying for them to succeed in leading the country to prosperity.

“Let us cooperate with them and as well put them in prayers for God to change their rigid mind towards the masses.

“The curses will only worsen the situation. Let us support them with prayers for a change of heart and love for the masses,” the cleric said.

He also advised religious leaders to lead by example and stop saying negative words against the country’s leadership.

The cleric enjoined Nigerians to be optimistic that the country would be great and regain its lost glory.


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