Customs conduct promotional exams for officers

Determined to promote transparency and career growth, the Nigeria Customs Service said it has conducted promotional examinations nationwide for officers and men of the service.

In a statement on Wednesday, the National Public Relations Officer of the service, Abdullahi Maiwada, said that the examination, which took place in Abuja on Monday, started with the rank of Deputy Comptrollers, Assistant Comptrollers, and Chief Superintendent of Customs.

He said that officers from different area commands and units were in line with the Standard Operating Procedure established to promote deserving officers based on merit.

The acting Comptroller General of Customs, Adewale Adeniyi, while noting that the exams ensure transparency and fairness, stressed that promotion is not just a welfare programme for customs; it’s essential to regenerate the service and ensure that those who are deserving of various positions are elevated.

“We had some pep talks with them to help them believe in the system and understand all the efforts that we have made to ensure that there is a lot of integrity in the process. We want them to know that promotion now is based on performance and not who you know. The report I got regarding the level of preparations attests to this fact that we are now reconciling ourselves to that reality; it’s about what you know, how capable you are, and how you can demonstrate the knowledge of the job. So that’s what should come out, and that’s what we count for each of these officers writing the exams,” Adeniyi explained.

Also speaking, an Assistant Comptroller of Customs, Odedeji Babajide, noted that the promotion would serve as an incentive to spur officers to perform more efficiently.

“Anyone granted the privilege of leadership should definitely know that to whom much is given, much is expected, and that means we should put in more than we have been doing before to make sure that the service is improved. We must ensure that there is value addition,” he stated.

Deputy Controller Oluremi Omisere, in her remarks, noted that officers who gain promotion must ensure that the primary role of customs, which is trade facilitation and border security, must be carried out judiciously.

“Officers must ensure that revenue targets set by the government are met, and every leakage in revenue is being controlled,” she stressed.

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