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EU reaffirms support for President Tinubu’s development policies

The European Union (EU) has restated its unwavering support for President Bola Tinubu’s development policies and programs.

Rita Laranjinha, the Managing Director of the External Action Service of the EU, reaffirmed this commitment during a meeting with Vice President Kashim Shettima in Abuja on Friday, as reported by the News Agency of Nigeria.

Laranjinha assured that the EU would continue to collaborate with Nigeria in various areas and disclosed her visit in preparation for the upcoming Ministerial Dialogue scheduled for October 19. She emphasized that the dialogue would help assess the EU-Nigeria relationship and plan for the future.

  • “The Ministerial Dialogue will be chaired by the Vice President of the EU Mission.
  • ”He will be here to hold meetings with members of the Nigerian government to take stock of the relations between the EU and Nigeria in different areas and to prepare the way forward in this relationship,” she

Strengthening EU-Nigeria partnership

Laranjinha expressed the EU’s interest in strengthening its partnership with Nigeria and acknowledged the common interests between the two. She emphasized Nigeria’s significance regionally and globally, highlighting the EU’s desire to be a preferred partner for Nigeria.

  • In her words, Today, it was very clear that there is a lot of common interest in the relationship but there is still a lot more to do.
  • “Nigeria matters in the region, continent and the world, and the EU wants to make sure that we will be a partner of choice for Nigeria.”

She expressed gratitude to the vice president for his support and reiterated the EU delegation’s commitment to collaborating closely with Nigeria across various domains, including trade, investments, energy, digitalization, and peace and security issues.

Nigeria’s commitment to mutual partnerships and vision for growth

When extending a welcome to the team at the Presidential Villa, Shettima emphasized Nigeria’s commitment to embracing effective interventions.

He highlighted the paramount importance of mutually advantageous partnerships in President Tinubu’s foreign policy approach. Shettima underscored that, despite the challenges it faces, the Tinubu administration continues to bring a sense of renewal and optimism.

What he said:

  • “The nation, like a phoenix, will rise from the ashes of despair and soar. Support us and we will, in turn, support, not just West Africa but also the entire African continent as a result of our Domino effect.
  • “We are really out to reposition this country. God has blessed this nation. We have not utilised half of our arable and fertile land, as well as our bountiful human resources.
  • “We are ready to partner with the EU in the execution of mutually beneficial projects and programmes to the benefit of Nigerians.”

Shettima also expressed concerns about migration issues and urged the EU to collaborate with the Tinubu administration in creating digital job opportunities.

He noted the alignment between the EU’s agenda and the eight-point agenda of the Tinubu administration.

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