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EU to continue supporting Palestinian authority – Borrell 

The European Union (EU) will continue supporting the Palestinian authority, the EU’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell announced, following a meeting of EU foreign affairs ministers on Tuesday.

Borrell said that stopping support for the Palestinian Authority would be a mistake.

“The overwhelming majority of the member states considered that we have to continue our support to the Palestinian Authority and the payments due should not be delayed,” Borrell said.

Borrell stressed that Israel has the right to defend itself “but it has to be done accordingly with international law, humanitarian law and some decisions are contrary to international law,” Borrell said after a meeting of EU Foreign Affairs ministers in Muscat, Oman.

Blueprint reports that European Union foreign ministers met on Tuesday to try to resolve divisions within the 27-member bloc over whether to continue aid payments to Palestinians.

The meeting came a day after the European Commission backtracked on an announcement suspending all such aid.

Scholz said there must be clarity that no aid sent would be used to help prop up terrorist organisations, such as Hamas.

“On the one hand we have to have humanitarian help so people can be supported to have water and things to eat, and at the same time we need to ensure nothing happens that supports structures linked to terrorism,” Scholz said on Tuesday at a two-day retreat in Hamburg with French President Emmanuel Macron and his cabinet.

“We are sure this is not happening, but it is essential to check every time,” he added.

Israeli military had announced that two Hamas leaders were killed in overnight strikes.

The Israeli military said that overnight-strikes on the Gaza Strip have killed multiple senior Hamas leaders.

An Israel Defense Forces (IDF) statement identified two of those killed as Zakaria Abu Maamer and Jawad Abu Shamala.

Abu Maamar was among the senior members of Hamas’ political bureau, the IDF said. Abu Shamala meanwhile was identified as Hamas’ minister of economy.

The IDF said both leaders were responsible for either inciting, planning or executing actions against Israel.

The two men were killed in an air strike in southern Gaza’s Khan Younis, a Hamas official told the Reuters news agency.

Hamas is designated a terrorist organisation by Germany, the EU and the US.

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