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FCTA impounds 69 vehicles, sustaining Abuja cleanup efforts

The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has taken action against 69 vehicles for a range of offences in its ongoing efforts to maintain the safety and cleanliness of Abuja city.

Abdul-Lateef Bello, the Director of the FCT Directorate of Road Traffic Service (DRTS), disclosed on Monday that these vehicle seizures are part of an ongoing operation aimed at eliminating illegal operators of commercial vehicles within the city.

These vehicles were apprehended by the FCT combined Security Task Force at various locations in the federal capital, Abuja, with the primary goal of enhancing the security of lives and property in the city.

Bello elaborated on the reasons for impounding these vehicles, which include violations such as improper parking, operation of substandard vehicles, violations of number plate regulations, and suspicion of involvement in one-chance scams, among other infractions.

He emphasized that the FCT Administration remains steadfast in its commitment to keeping the city free from all forms of disturbances and nuisances.

Furthermore, Bello revealed that the owners of the impounded vehicles would face legal prosecution through the FCT Mobile Court, situated within the DRTS premises.

What you should know

Bello mentioned that three of the vehicle owners, suspected of being involved in one-chance operations, would be handed over to the police for further legal action.

Bello attributed the significant occurrence of one-chance scams to the inadequacies of the city’s mass transportation system.

Mr. Peter Olumuji, Secretary of the Command-and-Control Unit at FCTA, exhibited a sharp object confiscated from one of the suspected one-chance operators, underscoring the administration’s commitment to combat this menace.

He urged road users to opt for only registered and painted taxis for their safety and reassured them that efforts were underway to address the transportation deficiencies in the city.

Mukhtar Galadima, Director of the Department of Development Control at FCTA, echoed concerns about the high rate of criminal activities in the FCT and attributed it to indiscipline.

He pledged that the FCTA would persist in educating road users about the importance of being cautious when using taxis to avoid falling victim to one-chance operators.

Galadima particularly advised residents against patronizing unpainted taxis or those lacking proper number plates.

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