Hamas calls for worldwide protests in support of Gaza

A representative of the Palestinian group Hamas called for worldwide protests on Friday.

“We call on our Palestinian people and the people of the Arab and Islamic nations to demonstrate in all cities next Friday,” the representative said during a press conference in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, on Wednesday.

Protests against “massacres, war crimes, and genocides in Gaza” were also to continue on Sunday, he added.

Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip and is classified as a terrorist organisation by Israel, the European Union, and the United States, called for the expulsion of all Israeli ambassadors to Arab and Islamic countries.

It said Arab and Islamic countries should halt all diplomatic efforts that normalise relations with Israel.

Coordinated attacks on Israel launched by Hamas from Gaza on October 7 killed about 1,400 people in Israel, the vast majority of them civilians, in what has been described as the worst catastrophe in Israeli history.

Since then, Israel has been attacking Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip with airstrikes, including Tuesday’s attack on a hospital, where about 500 people died.


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