Israel-Hamas:US and Israeli Intelligence failed hence the distraction via military support is needed..Fmr USA NSA

Do NOT be distracted by those USG officials and Sunday talk show hard left media pundits talking about money. That is a massive distraction from the colossal failure of US & Israeli intelligence, diplomatic & defense officials are currently witnessing in the Middle East. They will say how the $6B is to address humanitarian issues. That is an utter LIE! Iran will spend the money however Iran wants to spend this money (PERIOD!). And they will spend it on destroying those enemies they perceive as threats — especially America, who Iran perceives as the great Satan and Israel, who Iran has emphatically stated they will wipe off the face of the earth. This failure is on a scale not seen since 9-11 or maybe our Pearl Harbor attack by Japan that led us into WWII. The Hamas surprise attack into Israel is massive and while the war continues to be waged, quick accountability needs to happen. If people need to be fired for their incompetence so be it. Find better people. The initial invasion was conducted by ground, air, sea and cyber. It was a well led, tightly coordinated and masterfully timed in order to gain huge tactical and strategic advantage. With so many hostages, Hamas still holds an advantage and tough decisions in the days ahead by the Government of Israel’s leaders must be made. The costs of war are monumental, the costs of losing a war are historic. An immediate question that must be addressed while simultaneously fighting this brutal war is: How did our US Intelligence Community not know about these attacks before they happened. There is simply NO EXCUSE! With the hundreds of people along with all the major military commands focused on this vital national security interest and ally Israel, this is inexcusable. My life has been in the world of “Indications and Warnings” and this system is one of the more refined, mature systems in the USIC and instead of functioning properly, there appears to be a complete meltdown. This was not a technical glitch, this was a breakdown of leadership. From 9-11 to this recent failure, we continue to piss away money on failure instead of putting it toward success. I’ve said many times, we get an A for participation in endless wars with no chance of victory and no clearly stated objectives. But we get an F for winning or accomplishing anything except increasing the profits for the military industrial and security state complexes and their corporate leaders and government benefactors. For instance, 20 years in Afghanistan and yet departing was a debacle of epic proportions with images of humans hanging off planes and literally falling from the sky. The situation in Ukraine has now become clear that it is a bottomless money pit where some in our government have taken criminalization of their government service to new levels. And we are in Ukraine without clearly stated objectives or even a plan. Our very own US border invasion by Mexican drug cartels working in cooperation with both the CCP (China) and organizations such as Hamas, Hezbollah, and other Iranian surrogates. This is resulting in American deaths in excess of 100K killed and tens of thousands more wounded by the epidemic of fentanyl and other deadly street violence. Lastly, the graveyard of empires, now stretching into this latest Middle East “surprise” without the warning of our massive US Intelligence system, AND it’s being reported that some Americans are among the dead and possibly captured! Enough of the incompetency and failure. #WeThePeople have simply had enough! THIS complete LACK of Leadership in the United States administration must end now! Lives are at stake, the economy & debt will only get worse, AND America will be the ultimate loser while China only gets stronger! I don’t hate anyone, I love our country. I’ve stood watch for most of my life in some of the worst places on the planet. IT IS TIME FOR LEADERS TO STAND UP!!! And Congress, do something, anything, but the time is now to act!

US National Security Advisor to 45th POTUS Gen Flynn

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