Israeli military releases aerial footage of Gaza hospital

The Israeli army has released footage it said proves that a misguided Palestinian rocket was responsible for the deadly blast at a hospital in the Gaza Strip.

The video released on Wednesday shows the Al Ahli hospital and a car park in Gaza City, comparing aerial shots before and after the deadly incident.

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) said there were no craters to be seen, which typically resulted from an airstrike.

The IDF had blamed the Palestinian militant organization Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip for the attack. Islamic Jihad rejected the accusation.

Israeli army spokesman Jonathan Conricus told CNN that the IDF had evidence of a conversation between Hamas members intercepted by Israel discussing “the fact that ‘Oh, there appears to have been a malfunction or an explosion by a rocket which landed short inside the Gaza Strip’.”

In addition, shortly before the incident, a volley of rockets had been fired from the central or northern section of the Gaza Strip towards Israel.

This was recorded on Israel’s radar system, Mr Conricus said. 


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