Jaywon speaks on loneliness at peak of career

Most people wish to get to the top of their careers. For singer, Olajuwonlo Iledare, aka Jaywon, he notes that as he progressed to the top of his career, he experienced loneliness.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, he said, “I have always said that one needs to be strong in the industry. One also has to strike a balance with the people around one.

“It’s all shades of beautiful when one has the biggest songs and everyone comes around celebrating one. One has to be careful because one doesn’t know the intentions of people towards one.

“When one is not ‘popping’ and having a good run, the situation becomes different, and one will see people for who they really are. I have experienced both sides, and I can say that it gets lonely at the top.”

Speaking on the notion that all artistes take drugs to achieve a higher level of performance on stage, he said, “I don’t believe so, and I don’t think it’s sensible to engage in such. To what benefit is that to my system? I won’t encourage anyone to use it because it has killed many and won’t stop killing others. My advice to anyone right now is to quit while they still can.”

Asked if he had ever been sidelined because he did not belong to a clique in the industry, the singer said, “It has been crazy a few times for me. There are people who have been hating on my brand since I left my former record label and till date, they have resentment towards me.

“Everyone knows there are cliques and caucuses in the industry, and they advance some artistes because they benefit from the cliques. For some, it’s a different case. We have learnt to live and grow with them and among them.”

The singer also maintained that he did not have any regrets. He said, “I am thankful for the wins, growth, fans and the lives I have been able to touch.”

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