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Lagos to Entebbe: Uganda Airlines launches new route

Exactly a week ago, on Thursday the 19th of October, Uganda Airlines spread its wings in Nigeria, amidst a water cannon splash and press conference.

The Airline introduced a new route from Lagos to Entebbe that strengthens Nigeria’s connectivity to East Africa, and with style!

Celebrated for its commitment to excellence, Uganda Airlines embarks on a journey to capture the hearts of Nigerian travelers looking to explore East Africa for business and tourism as well other routes including; Mumbai, Johannesburg, and Post travel ban lift; Dubai, all for less.

Uganda Airlines, proving its determination to provide a quality and out-of-the-ordinary experience is launching in Nigeria with a fleet of all brand new aircraft featuring four Airbus A330-800 and two CRJ 900 aircraft.

A pleasant approach given the historic pattern of foreign airlines dumping their worst aircraft in Nigeria. Uganda Airlines as it launches its operations in Nigeria distinguishes itself with the promise and vision to bring Nigerians an unparalleled level of comfort within reach.

The Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Uganda Airlines, Mr. Adedayo Olawuyi,

shared the airline’s view of the Nigerian market;  “Our choice of Nigeria is a strategic move to enhance global connectivity for Nigerian travellers, linking them seamlessly to our other 12 destinations worldwide” and if we might add, and counting.

The Airline launched in two of the World’s largest countries, and the largest in Asia (India, Mumbai), and Africa (Lagos, Nigeria) within the same month and with several others coming soon is on a journey to take the Global Aviation Industry by storm

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In addition to Lagos, and Mumbai, Uganda Airlines current routes include vibrant destinations such as; Dubai, Johannesburg, Nairobi, Zanzibar, Mombasa, and Kilimanjaro. Each of these destinations is not just a place on the map but a unique experience waiting to be had and Uganda Airlines is recommending itself as just the partner to do so

As the largest economy on the continent and one of Afrifca’s biggest travellers, Nigeria deserves an airline like Uganda Airlines to facilitate easy exploration and connectivity for its population.

The airline is also eager to contribute to the growth and advancement of Nigeria’s economic sector, by fostering trade activities, as well as a healthy cultural exchange between Uganda and Nigeria

So as Uganda Airlines makes a respectful and excellent entry into the Nigerian market, and throws its hat in the rink to become the  preferred choice for affluent travellers, both in the area of business and tourism, we wish Uganda Airlines a warm welcome

About Uganda Airlines

Uganda Airlines is dedicated to redefining the standards of air travel in Nigeria and beyond. With a commitment to excellence and a global network of routes, we aim to provide world-class air travel services while infusing the experience with the warmth of Africa.


Instagram @ugandairlines_ng

Twitter @UgandAir_Ng

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