List Of Foreigners Killed By Hamas During Fatal Attack Released

Some people have been killed in the raging war between Israel and Hamas.

Specifically, a good number of foreigners were killed in last week’s attack by Hamas on Israel, which left more than 1,300 people dead.

The top news agency, AFP, compiled a list of more than 100 foreigners who have been confirmed dead, missing, or taken hostage, based on information from their national authorities.

See the list of those affected below:

US: 27 dead

Thailand: 24 dead

France: 15 dead

Nepal: 10 dead

Argentina: Seven dead

Ukraine: Seven dead

Russia: Four dead
Chile: Four dead

Austria: Three dead

Belarus: Three dead

Canada: Three dead

China: Three dead

Philippines: Three dead

Brazil: Three dead

Peru: Two dead

Romania: Two dead

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