Maine Shooting Suspect Robert Card Ex Girlfriend Name: Relationship And Divorce Reason

Explore the untold story of Robert Card ex girlfriend and find the mysteries of their past. 

Robert Card is a person of interest in a tragic mass shooting in Maine. He is the suspected gunman responsible for a deadly attack at a bowling alley and bar, resulting in 18 fatalities and 13 injuries.

Authorities are actively searching for him, extending the manhunt to Canada, as Card remains at large and considered armed and dangerous.

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Identity of Robert Card Ex Girlfriend In Maine Shooting Suspect 

The Maine mass shooting involving suspect Robert Card took a dark turn with revelations suggesting a possible motive behind the horrific rampage.

Card’s sister shared her belief with investigators that he may have been targeting his former girlfriend during the shooting spree that claimed the lives of 18 people and left 13 others wounded.

According to reports, Card left behind a troubling suicide note addressed to his son.

Robert Card’s motive is possibly related to his ex-girlfriend, as a suicide note was found. (Image Source: TMZ)

The investigation is now looking into the possibility that this mass shooting, which devastated the community, began as a domestic dispute.

While the ex-girlfriend’s identity has not been disclosed, information about the suspect’s ex-wife was revealed in court documents.

The mystery note, discovered by investigators executing a warrant at Card’s residence in Bowdoin, was described as a suicide note containing not only personal information but also ramblings and bank account details.

Law enforcement sources indicated that the note provided information and instructions about where certain items could be located and disposed of, hinting at Card’s intention to take his own life.

As the manhunt for Robert Card continues, law enforcement agencies at the federal, state, county, and local levels are working tirelessly to locate him.

Robert Card Relationship Timeline And Divorce Reason

Specific details regarding Robert Card’s relationship timeline and divorce reason were not publicly disclosed.

What was known at the time was that Robert Card had been married in the past, but he went through a divorce in 2007.

The divorce was reportedly granted on the grounds of “irreconcilable differences.”

It’s a common legal phrase used to describe a situation where a married couple’s differences or issues have reached a point where they can no longer reconcile and continue their marriage.

Furthermore, it was revealed that after the divorce in 2007, the divorce order was later amended in 2013.

Robert Card Ex Girlfriend
Robert Card’s past marriage, and divorce due to “irreconcilable differences.” (Image Source: Daily Express US)

This amendment included provisions for shared parental rights and responsibilities for their then-minor child, with the child’s primary residence being with their mother.

The available information did not provide specific details about the relationship timeline leading up to the divorce or any further insights into the dynamics of their relationship.

Additionally, any recent developments or specific reasons for the divorce were not publicly disclosed in the information up to that point.

The focus of available information has predominantly revolved around the devastating events of the Maine mass shooting, along with the ongoing investigations related to this tragic incident.

The horrific shooting, attributed to Robert, occurred at a bowling alley and a bar and grille in Lewiston, Maine, leading to the loss of 18 lives and injuries to 13 individuals.

As a result, much of the media coverage has concentrated on the progress of the investigation, efforts to locate and apprehend Robert, and the potential factors that contributed to this heartbreaking event.

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