Minister Umahi Announces November 1 Start Date for Three-Month

The Minister of Works, Mr. David Umahi, has announced that comprehensive rehabilitation of the 11.8-kilometer Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos will commence on November 1 and will last for three months. He assured that this maintenance work would be carried out with minimal discomfort to road users, taking place only between midnight and 4 am and during weekends.

Umahi explained that the top surface of the bridge had various sections patched, leading to undulating surfacing, which posed safety concerns. As a result, the entire asphaltic covering would be removed and replaced.

This first phase of maintenance aims to ensure the integrity and aesthetics of the upper deck components of the bridge. It will include resurfacing, replacement of railings, installation of solar-powered lights, and CCTV cameras for security.

Umahi emphasized that most of the bridges in the region are about 60 years old and have outlived their design lifespan, necessitating constant rehabilitation.

The minister also announced that a 10-year maintenance responsibility will be attached to projects for contractors, ensuring they bear repair costs within the period if the road fails. Contractors responsible for roads that fail within two years may face jail terms, aligning with global practices to prevent subpar constructions.

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