Nasarawa tribunal sacks AA Sule, declares Ombugadu governor

Nasarawa State Election Petition Tribunal has declared David Ombugadu, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, as the winner of the Nasarawa State Governorship Election. This decision resulted in the removal of Governor AA Sule from his position as governor.

The tribunal’s verdict, which favors Ombugadu, marks a pivotal moment in Nasarawa State’s political landscape. The outcome has generated immense interest and discussions across the state and beyond, shaping the future of governance and the electoral process.

The PDP candidate, David Ombugadu, and his supporters celebrated the tribunal’s decision, viewing it as a validation of their claims and an opportunity to usher in a new era of governance in Nasarawa State.

Governor AA Sule and the All Progressives Congress (APC) are expected to respond to the tribunal’s decision and decide on their next course of action. The political climate in Nasarawa State is likely to witness further developments and heightened activity in the coming days.

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