Nathan Tella Expresses Desire to Play for the Super Eagles

Southampton winger Nathan Tella, who was born in England to Nigerian parents, has recently expressed his interest in playing for the Nigerian national team, also known as the Super Eagles. While he is eligible to represent both Nigeria and England, Tella has decided to explore the possibility of wearing the Super Eagles jersey.

In an interview with OmaSports, the 24-year-old shared his reasons for leaning towards the Nigerian national team: “I feel like it’s always been a big part of my life. I was born in London and I’ve been in England all my life, but at the same time, my parents and grandparents are Nigerian, so I feel like it’s the right route to go down, so I want to do something that makes my family proud as well.”

Tella also mentioned seeking advice from fellow players who have experience with the Super Eagles. He said, “I’ve asked him [Joe Aribo] quite a bit, and at Southampton, I had Joe Aribo as well, so I spoke to both of them just to see what it’s like. But obviously, I’ve been with Victor [Osimhen], and he’s been telling me what it’s like, so if I get the chance, I’ll love to play with him there.”

Expressing his admiration for the Nigerian national team, Tella praised their talent and emphasized his desire to challenge himself by playing alongside some of the best players in the country. He aims to learn from them, improve his skills, and make a meaningful contribution to the Super Eagles.

Nathan Tella’s decision to explore the opportunity to represent Nigeria is not only a personal choice but also a heartfelt connection to his family’s heritage. If he eventually joins the Super Eagles, it will be a significant moment for both him and Nigerian football fans.

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