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NECO threatens 93 schools with sanction over cheating, blacklists 52 supervisors

About 93 schools have been found involved in whole-school (mass) cheating while 52 supervisors were recommended for blacklisting due to poor supervision, aiding and abetting during the examinations, the National Examinations Council (NECO) has said.

The Registrar and Chief Executive Officer of NECO, Prof. Dantani Wushishi, made the disclosure while announcing the release of the results of the examination.

According to him the erring schools would be invited to the council for discussion after which appropriate sanctions would be applied.

  •  “In line with our resolve to identify and sanction erring schools and supervisors, 93 schools were found to have been involved in whole-school (mass) cheating. They will be invited to the council for discussion, after which appropriate sanctions will be applied.
  • “Similarly, 52 supervisors were recommended for blacklisting due to poor supervision, aiding and abetting during the examination, “ the NECO boss said,

More insight

Additionally, Prof. Wushishi provided further insights into the examination statistics. A total of 1,196,985 candidates participated in the exams, comprising 616,398 males and 580,587 females. #

Notably, 1,543 candidates with special needs also took part in the examinations.

  • Breaking down the figures,he elaborated, “The number of candidates with Special Needs is 1,542, which includes 913 candidates with hearing impairment, 162 candidates with visual impairment, 103 candidates with albinism, 61 candidates with autism, 149 candidates with low vision, and 154 candidates with adermatoglyphic, which are candidates with no fingerprints.
  • “737,308 candidates, representing 61.60% with five credits and above, 1,013,611, representing 84.68 per cent of candidates, had five credits, irrespective of English and Mathematics.
  • “At this juncture, ladies and gentlemen, I wish to formally declare that the 2023 Senior School Certificate Examination Internal results are hereby released to the public. By this release, candidates can now access their results on NECO website:, using their examination registration numbers.”

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