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Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority secures €I million grant 

The Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NNRA) has secured a €I million grant from the European Union (EU) for the implementation of an international nuclear safety cooperation project for the safe management of radioactive waste in Nigeria.

This is according to an October 24 report via Arise News.  

According to Dr. Yau Usman Idris, the Director General of the NNRA (Nuclear Regulatory Authority), Nigeria has been granted a significant opportunity.

This opportunity arose after the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) confirmed that Nigeria has established a robust system for nuclear safety and security, which is currently undergoing substantial improvements through updates to its legal and regulatory structures. 

This development comes as part of a broader project that aims to bolster Nigeria’s capabilities in the field of nuclear energy. The primary focus of this project is on capacity development and training.  

In simpler terms, it involves equipping Nigerian experts and institutions with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle nuclear technologies safely and securely.

Additionally, the project intends to enhance the regulatory framework for nuclear safety.  

Also, it seeks to refine the rules and regulations governing the use of nuclear energy in Nigeria, making sure they are up-to-date and comprehensive.

Moreover, the project emphasizes the implementation of recommendations from various IAEA missions related to Nigeria’s regulatory infrastructure.  

These recommendations essentially serve as a roadmap to ensure that Nigeria complies with the highest international standards in nuclear safety and security.

In essence, this grant signifies a substantial step towards making Nigeria a more responsible and proficient player in the realm of nuclear energy, with a strong emphasis on safety, security, and regulatory compliance. 


At the Nigerian International Energy Summit held in March 2022, Dr. Yau Usman Idris made a significant announcement regarding the commencement of a bidding process for the construction of a massive 4,000-megawatt (MW) nuclear power plant.

If this endeavour is successful and the construction proceeds as planned, this nuclear power facility will become the largest of its kind in Nigeria, signifying a major milestone in the country’s energy infrastructure.

Dr. Usman also emphasized that there are established mechanisms in place to facilitate the development of nuclear power plants by any interested country. 

Nigeria’s overarching objective is to enhance its energy generation capacity, with a particular focus on delivering 4,000 MW of electricity through nuclear power.

Dr. Usman further disclosed that the Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NNRA) is currently in the process of planning and bidding for the construction of four nuclear reactor units. 


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