Odega links some actresses’ wealth to politicians

In the opinion of a popular actor, Francis Odega, the wealth of some actresses, who recently came into the industry, can be linked to some politicians, who are not helping matters in Nollywood.

He told Saturday Beats, “I have been in this industry for over 30 years. A girl (an actress) can come in today and the next day she’s acquiring cars and mansions. How? Most of these girls do not even have what it takes to be actors, talk less of being good actors. Yet, they excel more than their male counterparts. It is because these politicians are not helping matters. It makes it look as though the men don’t know how to act!”

He added that although some women in the movie industry give the industry a bad name, there were still those who were well-mannered.

“I can say there are good, well-behaved, humble and disciplined women in the industry. However, there is an infiltration of some bad ones who have come to sell what they have got,” Odega said.

The thespian revealed that he was working on a comedy series and had not stopped acting.

According to him, the reason he doesn’t feature on paid movie platforms like Netflix and other cinema movies is because it is the producers’ choice who features in their movies and not his.

Speaking on the need for his colleagues to make hay while the sun shines, Odega said, “It is wise for one to lay a foundation for retirement so that one can have something to fall back on when the time comes. My advice to the up-and-coming actors is to have a passion for the job, and be humble and disciplined.

“They should not think it’s a bed of roses that they can just pluck. It is necessary they have at least one good role model they can look up to, who inspires them. Also, don’t forget God!”

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