Oluwo of Iwo Begs Nigerians In Diaspora Not To Abandon Nigeria

Oba (Dr.) Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, the Oluwo of Iwo, has encouraged Nigerians in the diaspora not to desert the country.

The king urged Nigerians living overseas to help solve Nigeria’s problems.

Oluwo stated this in a statement issued by his Press Secretary, Alli Ibraheem, on Thursday, while recounting how he fled Nigeria for Canada in the 1980s.

The monarch noted that majority of Nigeria’s previous presidents did not administer the country well, resulting in the country’s massive difficulties.

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“I was a victim like most of you too. I left Nigeria hastily in the 1980s in search of greener pastures. We saw it coming, the damage done by most past Nigerian leaders is monumental. Indeed, very huge problems have been created.

“An adage says ‘a problem identified is half solved’ and this is true when people involved have the heart to change it. The hardship in Nigeria was created by the minority because the majority were onlookers. And to make it worse, many diasporans exercise restraint, showing little or no interest in Nigeria once they leave the shores of the country.”

While commending Nigerian people for achieving great feats abroad, he also urged them to desist from destructive criticisms against Nigeria.

Oluwo said, “Sincerely, diasporans deserve commendations because most of you are making us proud back at home. The blacks are geniuses blazing the trail and leading in their chosen careers among the Westerners. Relocating abroad is a Herculean task, synonymous with starting life all over again. The opportunities overseas are enormous but what excuse are we to offer our children should we refuse to change the narrative of our own dear nation?

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“Being a responsible son, you don’t throw stones at a house your father built because of its deficiency. You may criticise the bricklayers, builders and others contracted to mould the house but you can not outrightly condemn the house. A pride/patriot is expected to devise a method to remould the house to taste with new architectural designs. I also think that one may even find a better contractor. And I believe this is why there is periodic election to replace incompetent leaders.”


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