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Pet Sematary Prequel Director Reacts To Stephen King's Positive Response To The Movie: "It Was Just So Rewarding"

With the author giving his seal of approval to the project, co-writer/director Lindsey Anderson Beer reacts to Stephen King's positive response to Pet Sematary: Bloodlines. The Paramount+ project acts as a prequel to King's 1983 novel, chronicling the story of young Jud Crandall, well before he meets Louis Creed, as he comes to learn of the horrors and history behind the eponymous graveyard. Led by Jackson White, King recently took to his Twitter to share his appreciation for the movie, acknowledging that while it takes "a few liberties" with his source material, it's still a "fine story" with an "excellent" performance from David Duchovny and that its focus on "caring about the characters" is what makes it succeed.

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