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“Pretenders …” – Judy Austin pens cryptic note as Yul Edochie reunites with his children

The second wife of Nollywood actor Yul Edochie, Judy Austin pens a cryptic message following her husband’s reunion with his children from his first marriage.

Yul Edochie had visited his estranged wife May Edochie‘s children in school on their cultural day to check on their well-being.

The polygamous actor posted a picture of himself with his sons during their school’s cultural day, expressing his interest in their academic performance and their representation of their cultural heritage.

A few hours after Yul’s post, Judy Austin took to her Instagram page to share a message addressing pretenders, labelling them as cowards deserving of pity.

“Pretenders are cowards that should be pitied!!!” she wrote.

Judy Austin pens cryptic note as Yul Edochie reunites with his children

Reactions trailing cryptic note of Judy Austin after Yul Edochie reunited with his children

Osy Onyeka wrote, “Once Yul has anything to do with his children you become bitter. You are not just a snatcher but also selfish.”

Yemisi Kunlipe wrote, “You’re pained because Yul went to visit his boys in school without your prior notice and he even posted it on social media. You’re pained because Yul is begging Maya and sending emissaries to her.”

Sasha Itota wrote, “Wen u dey knack Yul for 2013, did u publicize it. No be hide and seek u dey do, u go knack am or night, pretend say una be colleagues for day.”

Kophiyov wrote, “You just described yourself. Rest Judy. No lack of peace is evident.”

Tihanna Porch wrote, “You wey dey knack person husband for more than 6yeat you till get mouth dey talk akunakuku.

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