Pyrate Confraternity seeks increased mental health awareness in Abuja

The National Association of Seadogs, Sahara Deck, Abuja City Centre, has called for increased awareness of mental health issues in Abuja environs.

The call is made in a statement signed by NAS Capone, Sahara Deck, Abuja City Centre, Olamide Oni, and issued to journalists on Tuesday in Abuja to commemorate the 2023 World Mental Health Day, celebrated annually on October 10.

The 2023 World Mental Health Day theme is ‘Mental health is a universal human right’.

However, Mr Oni said Nigeria’s economic challenges had taken a toll on the mental well-being of its citizens, adding that many families in Abuja and across the country struggle to meet basic needs due to the rising cost of living.

He said the situation had led to severe mental health issues, affecting adults and children. He noted that students whose parents can no longer afford education fees face depression and anxiety, underscoring the urgent need for mental health support in the education sector.

He disclosed that the rise in drug abuse had become another significant contributor to mental health issues in our society, adding that addressing this crisis must be a priority to safeguard the mental health of the citizens.

He called on the federal government to increase funding for mental health facilities across Abuja and the country. 

Mr Oni also called for investment in training mental health experts who can provide support in schools and workplaces and mandate mental health awareness campaigns in all educational institutions and workplaces.


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