Remi Tinubu, Sex-Toy Shop And The Untold Issues Around Senator Abbo

Senator Elisha Abbo who was sacked from the Senate by the judgment of the Court of Appeal on Monday has accused the President of the Senate, Senator Godswill Akpabio of being behind the court decision.

However, beyond Senator Akpabio there are a number of other factors that Abbo and many other Nigerians may also suspect for his political demise.

As he accused Akpabio, he opened up on the fact that he fought the leadership of his party, All Progressives Congress, APC of late. The fight against the APC leadership flowed from his open embrace of Senator Abdulazziz Yari for the position of Senate President.

He was also a foremost critic of the party’s Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket for the 2023 General Election.

It was on that basis that he dubbed himself a ‘hero of democracy’ on the claim that he was a victim of power play. His assertions have been condemned not just by Akpabio, but also news commentators including Ruben Abati who on Tuesday morning described his assertions as contemptuous of the Appeal Court justices.

662657784174506643 reports that beyond Akpabio, there are many others who had issues to grind with Abbo.

Many Nigerians are still peeved over his conduct at a sex toy shop where he was alleged to have assaulted an attendant over a disagreement. That sex toy assault case shadowed his entry into the Senate in 2019.

Another Nigerian who he fell out with was Senator Remi Tinubu, now the First Lady. Senator Abbo had a public spat with Mrs Tinubu during the Senate investigative hearing on his conduct at the sex-toy shop.

The spat between the two senators in 2019 was believed to have turned personal and it is not known if they ever reconciled.

Senator Abbo was also at a logger head with his state governor, Umaru Fintri. The disagreement between the two men led to his exit from the PDP. He had faulted the governor’s management of the party in Adamawa calling him the Alpha and Omega.

Even more, Senator Abbo was also a principal critic of his party’s Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket, a stance that undoubtedly did not win him favours in the party leadership and of course the presidency.

So, beyond Akpabio, Senator Abbo may have several other factors and persons that may have wished him ill-luck at the court.

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