Reps justify increase in standing committees

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The House of Representatives on Thursday gave reasons behind the constitution of 134 Standing Committees by its Speaker, Tajudeen Abbas.

The spokesman for the  House who is also the Chairman of the Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Akin Rotimi, noted that there is no overlap of functions despite a large number of committees.

There have been criticisms over the large number of committees, with some critics accusing the Speaker of increasing the numbers from 109 to 134 to compensate his colleagues for making him the head of the Green Chamber.

The spokesman also informed journalists that over 200 members presented motions on various issues in the week under review.

“The committees are very important and what you see as an increment is nothing other than the Speaker’s commitment of carrying everyone along,” Rotimi said.

He added that about 300 motions and 10 bills were passed within the week, stressing that first-time lawmakers make a good impression of themselves by confidently moving motions on the floor of the House.

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