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Reps to probe hike in international flight fares, poor service delivery of foreign airlines  

The House of Representatives on Thursday directed its committee on aviation to probe the hike in international flight fares and poor service delivery in the aviation sector, especially by foreign airlines operating in the country.  

According to the House of Representatives, the probe was initiated to ensure that flight fares were at par with those of other countries around Nigeria.  

The House resolution followed the adoption of a motion, titled “Need to Curtail Exorbitant Airfares by International Airlines in Nigeria” moved by Honourable Moshood Olarewaju Oshun. 

Oshun noted that as of 2022, sixteen international airlines were operating in Nigeria and that in 2023, international passenger traffic had grown massively, especially with outbound international travellers. 

He said that the international airlines operating in Nigeria have taken advantage of the surge in international travel from Nigeria by charging exorbitant fares for flights thereby cashing out on Nigeria. 

Oshun further stated that the price of international flight flares in neighbouring West African countries such as Ghana and the Benin Republic were not as exorbitant as what is obtained in Nigeria.  

Furthermore, the lawmaker explained that despite the outrageous prices for international flights, the international airlines operating in Nigeria still offer subpar services and use old aircraft.  

He disclosed that Turkish Airlines, one of the international airlines operating in Nigeria, charges as much as $3,538 (N2.7 million), with the lowest advertised fare being $1,432 (N1.1 million) for a Lagos-London flight.

Oshun noted that the same airline set its flight fare for Cotonu-London within the range of $475 (N368,837) and $601 (N466,676).  

He bemoaned the development of the hike of inbound and outbound flights, saying it puts Nigeria at a disadvantage economically. 

Call to take stringent actions  

The lawmaker said if stringent actions were not put in place to stop the hike in flight fares by international airlines, it would be difficult for an average Nigerian living in Nigeria to afford international travel.  

Oshun added that the flagrant hike in international flight fares would impact negatively on the nation’s economy if left to continue.  

However, noted that Nigeria has the highest navigational, enroute, parking and other charges, as well as aviation fuel prices across the world. 

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