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Rosanna Pansino’ Apology to MrBeast Amid Creator Games 3 Controversy

YouTuber Rosanna Pansino who claimed to be edited out of Creator Games 3 by MrBeast has now issued an apology to the latter. The whole drama around the video of Creator Games 3 has been going on and on. Until now when Pansino had to make apologies for not handling the beef with MrBeast privately.

Find out what happened when Rosanna Pansino said sorry to MrBeast for the problems in the Creator Games 3 video.

Creator Games 3 drama explained

The Creator Games series by MrBeast has been one of the popular challenges that YouTuber’s fans love to watch. However, even the series came into a controversy recently after Rosanna Pansino accused MrBeast of editing her out of the Creator Games 3 video.

She even made her DMs with MrBeast about the conversation on Creator Games 3 editing public. Claiming that MrBeast wanted to discuss the things over call and not in DMs. MrBeast meanwhile remained silent during the accusations on him by Pansino.

Rosanna Pansino issues apologies to MrBeast over Creator Games 3 drama

Rosanna Pansino has been previously adamant with her claims about MrBeast editing her out of the Creator Games 3 video where she was among the three winners. However, some days after leaking the DMs with MrBeast, Rosanna finally took down her tweets about MrBeast and issued an apology to the YouTuber as well.

In her recent post, Pansino wrote “I would like to apologize to MrBeast. I should have expressed my feelings privately and handled things directly. I will be removing all of the posts where I talk about Creator Games and Jimmy. I will be honest in that the thousands of death threats I’ve received today are a contributing factor, but i do also sincerely hear the feedback from so many of you”.

People’s Reactions to Rosanna Pansino’s Apology to MrBeast

Rosanna Pansino after going public with her claims about being edited out from Creator Games 3 faced backlash too. Netizens believed that she should have talked about it to MrBeast privately. Though many came in support of her too for speaking about the truth.

Moreover, after taking down her tweets about MrBeast and issuing apologies to the YouTuber, she has made many unhappy. Netizens think she had released a music video amid the ongoing drama and even liked the comments that called out the MrBeast fanbase.

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