See What Reno Omokri Said As Chicago State University Releases Tinubu’s Academic Records

Reno Omokri, a former advisor to the president, responded to Chicago State University’s (CSU) revelation of Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s academic records.

According to, the University on Monday handed over Tinubu’s academic transcripts to PDP presidential contender Atiku Abubakar in accordance with an American court’s order.

Omokri responded to the disclosure of the records via his X handle, saying that the disclosure of Tinubu’s actual academic records by CSU has supported his assertion that the president was a student there.

Tinubu Academic Records: American Judge Did What Nigerian Judiciary Could Not Do In 23 Years – Atiku’s Aide

President Tinubu confirmed attending Chicago State University and graduating from it, the former presidential aide said, urging those who wished to discredit him to come forward right away.

He wrote: “I wonder why those who have been boasting for days that they will disgrace me over the Chicago State University matter are not anywhere. I am here. Mi o sa. Come and disgrace me.

“I don’t know what secondary or primary school President Bola Tinubu went to, but I can swear on oath that I went to Chicago State University, and Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the male person currently occupying the position of President of Nigeria, was admitted, attended and graduated from Chicago State University.

“I went there. I have documentary, photographic, and historical evidence. Those people who want to disgrace me never went. They sat down in Nigeria. Now, they are suddenly and loudly quiet.

“Shebi, the documents have been released by @ChicagoState University? I am begging them to disgrace me. And if I collected money from Tinubu, may all those who accuse me get wealthy from my hard work. But if they have falsely accused me, then may I prosper when they work hard in perpetuity. Please help me seal it with your amen!”

Atiku Silent As CSU Release Tinubu’s Academic Records

Recall that during the most recent general elections in Nigeria, Atiku had requested the university release the academic transcripts of his political rival.

According to report, Atiku is presently contesting Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress (APC) as the election’s victor.

Atiku’s petitions include provisions that contest the APC presidential candidate’s academic credentials. According to his claims, Tinubu did not earn a degree from Chicago State University as indicated by his academic transcripts.

Judge Nancy Maldonado stated that CSU did not object to Judge Jeffery Gilbert’s decision to make Tinubu’s academic record public in a copy of the most recent ruling by the US Court.

The court stated that Atiku’s interest in the desired discovery outweighs any intrusion on Tinubu’s personal interests in his educational records.

Tinubu’s Academic Record: Atiku And His Supporters Have Nothing To Celebrate

Tinubu’s objections to Gilbert’s suggested decision were rejected by Maldonado, who then embraced the recommendation in its entirety.

The University subsequently made a 32-page dossier detailing Tinubu’s complete academic records with the university available on Monday night.


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