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“She has been called bad names by her fellow women” – Solomon Buchi defends Maraji after she condemned indecent dressing

Media personality, Solomon Buchi recently defended Maraji on Twitter after she was criticised for her opinions on women’s dressing.

Maraji had previously expressed her views on indecent dressing, claiming that modest dressing commands more deference and politeness from others.

Solomon Buchi provided his viewpoint despite the criticism she received from certain ladies who called her a “pick-me” and that she didn’t encourage other women.

He made the case that some outfit does not exalt God and stressed the significance of modesty in the Christian faith. He voiced concern over the misconception of decency held by certain Christian ladies.


Solomon Buchi also pointed out that people’s fashion choices might be influenced by celebrities who advocate for less modest attire.

He concluded by underlining the difficulty of teaching modesty and decency to modern women and asserting that maintaining one’s body is a crucial component of faith.

In his words;

“Maraji has been called unprintable names by her fellow women because she frowned upon indecent dressing. I’ve seen posts of women calling her a hater, a pick-me, etc.

“Fight it, but dressing will never be relative.

“There’s a way typical prostitutes dress. Women call certain outfits “ashawo dress” because it gives slutty vibes. Even the Bible validates that harlots look a certain way: “And there a woman met him, With the attire of a harlot, and a crafty heart.” Proverbs 7:10 NKJV.

“What scares me is that some Christian women think they can wear whatever they wish to. If decency is just a social construct to control women, why not walk around stark naked, as clothes are even tools of oppression too?

“Many of you follow celebrities who wear rubbish, and you let them influence you, a child of God, who should be regenerated.”

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