Soma and Angel unfollows each other hours after Angel

Former Big Brother contestants Soma and Angel, known for their love story on the show, have unfollowed each other on Instagram, surprising fans.

Soma and Angel chose each other over previous relationships, but their recent social media actions have left their relationship status uncertain.

Angel Smith’s late-night Twitter post announcing her pregnancy with a pregnant emoji has added to the mystery surrounding their relationship

Fans and followers of Soma and Angel, former contestants of the reality show Big Brother, were left in disbelief as the two lovebirds unfollowed each other on social media.

This surprising development came as a shock to their devoted fan base, especially considering the romantic bond they had formed during their time in the Big Brother house.

Soma and Angel’s love story began in Big Brother house, where they captured the hearts of viewers with their affection for one another.

Reality star, Angel.

After their eviction from the show, the pair made their intentions clear during an interview with the renowned host Ebuka, expressing their desire to pursue a meaningful relationship outside the show.

What made this even more unexpected was the fact that both Soma and Angel had left behind previous relationships to be together.

Their connection in the Big Brother house had been so strong that they made the choice to end their former romantic ties and select each other as their partners.

In various post-show interviews, Soma and Angel reiterated their commitment to building a future together and expressed no intention of rekindling the relationships they had left behind.

d421cf5108ee8c6de92263d8b43bdf85Reality star, Soma.

Therefore, their recent decision to unfollow each other on social media has left their fans puzzled and curious about the reasons behind this surprising move.


Angel Smith, in a late-night Twitter post, sent shockwaves through social media as she announced her pregnancy by sharing a pregnant emoji.

This revelation, coming on the heels of their unfollowing action, has only intensified the speculation surrounding the status of their relationship.

Angel was also spotted on a Twitter space discussion with fans, affectionately referred to as “shippers,” about potential names for her unborn child.

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