Supreme Court Asked To Dismiss Atiku’s Case Against Tinubu

On Monday, Wole Olanipekun, the attorney for President Bola Tinubu, requested that the Supreme Court reject Atiku Abubakar’s request to surrender the academic credentials of his lawyer. Atiku is the candidate for president of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Olanipekun claimed in his defence that the 180-day question was unambiguous.

He questioned how the court would organise the brand-new evidence presented by Atiku.

He calls it an application in Wonderland that should be rejected since it has no merit.

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Olanipekun contends that since the legislation is binding on the court, it should be applied strictly in its current form rather than as it should be.

Abubakar Mahmoud, an attorney for INEC, requests that the Supreme Court reject Atiku’s request for Tinubu’s academic records.

Olanipekun added that at this time, new evidence is not acceptable.

He maintained that until the deponent appears in court and gives a testimony, the depositions from Chicago State University (CSU) are inactive.

He continued by saying that INEC ought to have participated in the US deposition processes.

Olanipekun added that it is evident that an election petition must be filed and decided upon within 180 days, as required by law.

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It is inviolable. It is not movable. As a result, Atiku cannot ask the Supreme Court for new evidence.

Akin Olujinmi, the APC’s attorney, said that the application is unjustified and poorly designed and urged the court to reject it.

Atiku cannot smuggle a document into the Supreme Court without first presenting it at the trial court, he continued.

According to Olujinmi, Atiku must demonstrate why the Supreme Court should accept the new evidence.

In response to Tinubu’s attorneys, Uche stated that the CSU depositions might be used in Nigerian judicial proceedings.

In five minutes, the court will reconvene after rising.


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