Tensions escalate between Spain, Israel over criticism of military offensive in Gaza

Tensions have risen between Spain and Israel due to criticism of Israel’s military offensive in the Gaza Strip by certain members of Spain’s left-wing government.

Madrid has firmly denied the Israeli embassy’s accusations that these government members have supported terrorism by making “shameful statements,” labelling them as untrue.

“The Spanish government categorically rejects the untruths contained in the Israeli embassy’s communiqué about some of its members,” the Foreign Ministry wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

It did not accept “any unfounded insinuations”, it added.

In the earlier statement, the Israeli embassy said that “certain members of the Spanish government have chosen to side with this IS-like terrorism.”

Among other things, the embassy spoke of “absolutely immoral statements” that “endanger the security of the Jewish communities in Spain.”

No names were mentioned in the embassy’s statement.

However, Spain’s Minister for Social Rights, Ione Belarra, who had taken part in a pro-Palestine rally in Madrid on Sunday, reiterated her criticism of the offensive on Tuesday.

No one denies the pain caused by the Hamas attack in Israel, “but Israel denies the pain of the Palestinians,” Ms Belarra said.

“We must raise our voices to put an end to this genocide once and for all.”


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