There Are More Software Engineers In Lagos Than In UK – Bosun Tijani

According to Nigeria’s Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Bosun Tijani, Lagos has more software engineers than the UK.

At the Platform’s Independence Anniversary event held in Lagos on Monday, Tijani discussed the amount of tech enthusiasts in Nigeria and around Africa. She claimed that the youth of Nigeria are the nation’s greatest resource.

He claims that Nigeria possesses a sizable portion of Africa’s enormous youth population, many of whom are tech-savvy.

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“If you have a second passport and you live in another country, you would find probably ten software engineers in Lagos before you find one in the UK in your cycle. Or if you are in the US, before you find one software engineer there, you would find ten in Lagos, or in Nairobi, or in Jo’burg. That’s the reality,” the Minister said during the event tagged ‘Africa Rising Continent – Nigeria’s Strategic Role’.

Tijani said that with the right support, the techies in the country can reshape the world.

He added: “We are the future. And you know why we are the future here? We are a continent of 1.2 billion, and forty per cent of those are young people – across Africa – I believe under the age of 25. And this is where Nigeria is important. It is not just that we show off for the sake of showing off.

“In Nigeria, it is 60 per cent of our 220 million people are under the age of 25, which means we have the ingredient that is actually going to power the world because these young people are digital natives. And if we give them the resources, they can actually become that engine that the world requires to be able to strive.”

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The Minister noted that Nigeria has a strong human capital base and that Nigerians are represented in the majority of the world’s top universities.

“There is no top academic institution in the world that you don’t see a Nigerian,” he added.

Tijani commended Nigerians for their drive to make an impact, saying: “Most Nigerians are always restless no matter how much they have achieved. They always want to contribute”.


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