Tinubu Academic Records: American Judge Did What Nigerian Judiciary Could Not Do In 23 Years – Atiku’s Aide

President Bola Tinubu’s eventual defeat at the Northern District of Illinois court, according to Phrank Shaibu, Special Assistant to PDP presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar, was made possible by the independence of the American judiciary.

This was said by Shaibu in response to Justice Nancy Maldonado’s directive to Chicago State University to give Atiku access to all of Tinubu’s academic records.

According to Shaibu, Tinubu has been attempting to elude punishment ever since the venerable human rights attorney Gani Fawehinmi (SAN) first exposed his certificate hoax in 1999.

Certified True Copies Of Bola Tinubu’s Drug Dealing, Money Laundering Case In Chicago Released By US Court

He bemoaned the fact that courts had continued to award Tinubu victory based on technicalities rather than delivering justice based on the case’s merits, alleging the situation had resulted in over 20 dubious victories.

Shaibu lamented the fact that, as the last bastion of the common man, the Nigerian court had fallen short of expectations.

He said, “Justice Maldonado, who has spent less than one year on the bench and who sat on this case for barely a month, has been able to do what the Nigerian judiciary could not do for 23 years.

“This explains why the Nigerian society is on the brink of slipping into the state of nature, which Thomas Hobbes described as short, brutish, and nasty.”


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