Tinubu has sinned against the north/A take

You can be sure of one thing, the northerners irrespective of party will speak with one voice in favour of his impeachment as soon as the allegations get to the floor of the NASS. He has reneged on his promises to the North and had even attempted decimating their population by his shutdown proposition to attack Niger-Republic. His skewed appointments also irks them even though they didn’t raise dust while Buhari did same in their favour. El-Rufai is still bitter that Bulaba used him and dumped him.
Bulaba’s impeachment will sound like a good number to them since they know that one of them Shettima will take over once he is impeached. The opposition MPs too from the South will queue behind their northern counterparts to get rid of the stinking rubbish that has plagued Nigeria especially Lagosians for 24yrs. The quod is waiting with gaping space to accept Bulaba./Mr Romeo on whatsapp

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