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Transforming retail challenges into opportunities: The 2023 Africa retail congress & recognition awards

Lagos Business School, in collaboration with TheTimes, is set to host an influential Congress and Recognition Awards ceremony for Africa’s retail sector.

Africa’s retail industry, teeming with potential, stands at a critical juncture, grappling with an array of challenges, ranging from deteriorating infrastructure to surging inflation rates.

However, the second Africa Retail Congress aims to shift the focus from challenges to opportunities, paving the way for transformation.

Congress Highlights

Under the theme “Transforming Retail Challenges into Opportunities,” this congress serves as a pivotal platform for retail stakeholders, academics, public sector representatives, and practitioners to chart the path for growth in African retail.

The event promises a wealth of insights, policy discussions, and networking opportunities.

Esteemed speakers, including CEOs, public sector officials, seasoned retail professionals, and academics, will gather to share their expertise.

Attendees will represent a diverse spectrum, from suppliers and manufacturers to retail leaders, e-commerce players, and government executives from across Africa.

Key topics to be explored at the congress include addressing infrastructure and logistical challenges, enacting legislative reforms, harnessing technology and data, adopting sustainable practices, and identifying the essential elements for fostering retail growth in Africa.

The Africa Retail Recognition Awards

In conjunction with the congress, the 2023 Africa Retail Recognition Awards will cast a spotlight on businesses that are redefining and elevating the retail landscape across the continent.

These awards celebrate the significant social and business contributions made by retail organizations in Africa.

Award Categories and Criteria

Innovation Excellence: Recognizing innovative strategies, business development approaches, and technological applications.

Omnichannel Trade: Acknowledging the seamless integration of online and offline retail formats.

Footprint Excellence: Honoring sustainability and ethical business practices.

Differentiation in Retail: Celebrating unique contributions and product excellence.

Range Excellence: Commending retailers with remarkable product selections.

Logistics Mastery: Recognizing excellence in logistics that directly impacts business sales.

Join the Transformation

Entry closes on the 20th of October,2023.

This is an opportunity to be part of a transformative event, where retail challenges are reenvisioned as opportunities. Registration for the Africa Retail Congress and Recognition Awards is currently ongoing. Unite with industry leaders, experts, and policymakers to drive Africa’s retail sector to unprecedented heights.

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