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UNIPRO Investments Ltd calls for more deals at Africa Oil week 

In a bid to accelerate investment and growth in Africa’s burgeoning oil and gas industry, Unipro Investments Ltd, a leading advisory company, has thrown its weight behind the highly anticipated Africa Oil Week (AOW) event happening in Cape Town, South Africa 

CEO David Edet recently spoke with TheTimes reporters, emphasizing the crucial role AOW plays in fostering value creation within the sector. 

Africa Oil Week, an annual gathering of industry leaders, investors, and experts, has long been recognized as a vital platform for networking, deal-making, and sharing insights.

AOW2023’s Crucial Significance

This year’s AOW2023 is set to be no different, with an even greater emphasis on the African energy landscape’s transformation. 

David Edet, the CEO of Unipro Investments Ltd, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, highlighting how African governments are increasingly leveraging such opportunities to attract vital investments into their countries.

He emphasized the importance of closing more deals during AOW2023 to positively impact the lower end of the oil and gas value chain across the African continent. 

Vision for AOW2023 and Sustainable Development

Mr. Edet’s vision for AOW2023 extends beyond simple transactional deals. He envisions partnerships and investments that will drive sustainable development and empower local communities.

By encouraging more investments and collaboration, he believes that AOW2023 can act as a catalyst for equitable economic growth and job creation in the region. 

Unipro Investments Ltd is committed to fostering a just energy transition in Africa, and Mr Edet is calling upon the international community to support this vision.

With the global energy landscape shifting towards cleaner and more sustainable sources, Africa has the opportunity to embrace these changes while ensuring that no one is left behind. 

Unipro Investments Ltd’s Call for Support

The CEO’s call for support echoes a growing sentiment within the industry – that energy transition should not be viewed solely as a challenge but as an opportunity for Africa to become a leader in sustainable energy solutions.

Unipro Investments Ltd’s stance underscores the importance of inclusive development and responsible investment practices as the continent moves toward a greener future. 

As Africa Oil Week 2023 begins, the stage is set for an event that promises not only to foster new deals but also to spark a transformative conversation about Africa’s role in shaping the global energy landscape.

Unipro Investments Ltd stands ready to play its part, and with the support of the international community, this year’s AOW could be a pivotal moment for the continent’s energy industry. 

AOW2023 is poised to be a significant turning point for Africa’s oil and gas industry, with Unipro Investments Ltd leading the call for more deals that will drive sustainable development and a just energy transition across the continent.

  • “As Africa takes centre stage in the global energy arena, the importance of this event cannot be overstated, and the world is watching closely”, said Mr Edet. 

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