UPDATE: Too Much Jealousy, Envy Among Igbos – Yul Edochie

Yul Edochie, a top Nollywood actor, has stated that there is too much rivalry and envy among Igbo people.

On Wednesday, Edochie made this assertion in a post on his verified Facebook page.

According to him, if an Igbo person advances in anything, his biggest detractor will be a fellow Igbo person.

The actor, who is also of Igbo descent from Anambra State, emphasised that a successful Igbo man’s adversary may be members of his own family.

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He urged his fellow Igbo indigenes to reform and do better, and to put an end to jealousy and competitiveness.

“Too much jealousy and envy amongst Igbos. Why??

If you’re doing well as an Igbo person, your biggest hater is your fellow Igbo person. Sometimes even your family members. Igbos we need to do better. Why?

“We’re great. Stop the envy. Stop the competition. Things change when we address them,” he said.


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