‘Why I poured hot oil on my husband’

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‘Why I poured hot oil on my husband’

Favour Nwala Nwankwo, and her husband injuries from the hot vegetable oil ‘bath’

Published By: Ayorinde Oluokun

By Okafor Ofiebor/Port Harcourt

Favour Nwala Nwankwo, a mother of one who bathed her husband, Ekelediri Nwankwo with hot vegetable oil while he was asleep in their home at Igwuruta Community, Ikwerre Local Government Area of Rivers is asking for forgiveness.

Nwankwo spoke to journalists at the Port Harcourt headquarters of Rivers State Police Command headquarters when she was paraded along with some other suspects.

Giving insight into what led to the despicable act, Favour said she and her husband have been having issues which had led to mutual distrust, suspicion and eventually, a brawl on the fateful day.

She said the recent problem started when she confronted her husband on his suspected involvement in illegal activities, including: alleged kidnapping.

Favour said this made her to invite her younger sister to live with them to witness to help monitor the alleged criminal activities of her husband.

But she said her husband was not comfortable with the presence of her younger sister in their matrimonial home and he asked her to leave. She said this was what led led to the fight after she poured the hot oil on husband.

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She denied claims by her husband that her sister was dressing indecently and sleeping on their matrimonial bed

She also denied claims by her husband that she was having and extra marital affair

Favour said she regret her actions and she should have walked away when she was inflamed by anger after accosting her husband of sleeping outside which led to a fight.

“Nobody will believe my story after seeing the state of the wounds on my husband. I can’t deny my actions because the evidence is there for all to see.

But for the sake of our son, I plead for pardon. I now realize my mistake and it based on anger issues” ,she pleaded.

However, the Commissioner of Police in Rivers, Nwonyi Polycarp Emeka assured that the case still under investigation and had been transferred to the State Investigations Department SCID and appropriate legal sanctions will be invoked at the end of the investigations.

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