Anaxon Wellness Boss Blames Men’s Negligence for Recurring Infections in Women

A trado-medical practitioner and CEO of Anaxon Wellness, Victor Ayoola has decried rising cases of recurring reproductive tract infections among women,blaming scourge on their partner’s refusal to seek medical attention.

A recent study published by Wayne State University School of Medicine reports that about 138 million women globally contend with recurrent candida or yeast vaginitis, in which figure is expected to hit 150 million by 2030.

Ayoola who deals mainly in women’s fertility issue disabused the popular impression that fertility is a woman’s problem, maintaining that both sexes are not left out.

He said that oftentimes when women present cases of infections in their reproductive system, their partner do not show up for treatment , thereby making medical procedures ineffective or offer temporary relief, while ailment returns.

“It is very common to hear men say nothing is wrong with them when invited, yet they already had sex with the same women infected, which automatically makes them vulnerable. Their refusal to get treated keep their partner in ailment forever”, he said.

The Anaxon Wellness boss further asserted that there is increasing need for relevant health stakeholders to enlighten and sensitise expectant and sexually active men on the need to get treatment along their partner when the need arise.

He also tasked government on more awareness and advocacy around women’s health, insisting that women are more vulnerable to diseases than men, hence should be protected.

He stated that his passion for women’s health and longevity inspired his pursuit in trado-medicine,majoring in reproductive health.

Clarifying doubt around herbal medicine, he said, “We must bear in mind that conventional drugs are made from herbs that were processed into capsule through technology. Nigerians just need to be sure that whatever they consume have regulatory approval.

“At Anaxon Wellness, our herbs are NAFDAC approved, clinically tested and produced under strict hygiene practices. Besides, in line with medical requisite, we only treat patients based on the result of their medical diagnosis& consultation. We also do proper pharmacology to ensure that prescriptions are accurate and not abused.

“For us, it’s not all about business, but women’s wellness and happiness. We are glad that through our medications, we have restored broken home and solve fertilty issues,among many other testimonies that have kept us going”.

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