APC Using Highly Compromised Electoral Petition Courts To Snatch Elections We Clearly Won – PDP Raises Alarm

The leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have accused the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) of using highly compromised election petition courts to snatch elections it won.

Naija News reports that the allegation was in a statement made available on the PDP’s official X handle. The opposition party accused the APC of emasculating the opposition and imposing a one-party system on the country.

“Of particular concern is the perverse pattern and attempts by the APC to use certain hugely compromised Electoral Petition Courts to snatch elections clearly won by the PDP and award them to the defeated candidates of the APC who were rejected by the people at the polls in most States across the country,” the statement partly read.

“This sinister agenda tailored towards a systemic emasculation of the opposition and foisting of an oppressive one-Party system is evident in the conduct and outcome of certain election petitions in Zamfara, Sokoto, Kebbi, Nasarawa, Delta, Ogun and other States of the nation where the Election Petition and Appeal Panels were used to rob the PDP of victory won at the polls,” it added.

PDP also accused the ruling party of working with a hugely compromised Appeal court to defy the people’s will.

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“Our Party at that press conference, also raised concerns over allegations in the public domain that the Plateau State Election Appeal Court Panel has been hugely compromised and induced by the APC and the cabal to defy the Will of the people at the elections. Allegedly in the bid to assist the APC, the Plateau State Election Appeal Court Panel, in clear departure from well-established Judicial Precedents on matters settled by the Supreme Court, delivered varying, contradictory and conflicting judgments on election Appeals with the same subject matter, same facts, same circumstances and same applicable laws in bias judgements clearly skewed against the PDP in favour of the APC,” the statement further read.

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