Auto policy to catalyse industry growth, says NADDC DG

Stakeholders in the auto industry are redoubling efforts to ensure the speedy passage of the National Automotive Industry Development Plan into law.

This information was disclosed by the Director General of NADDC, Joseph Osanipin, at the stakeholders’ engagement on the effective implementation of the NAIDP.

He noted that the priority for the Commission was to ensure the legal backing of the Plan.

He underscored the role of the automobile policy in propelling Nigeria’s automotive growth.

Osanipin stated, “The auto policy is key to the growth and development of the automotive industry. We will engage major stakeholders for the swift passage of the NAIDP into law and concrete steps will be discussed for its proper implementation.”

‘’Operators and potential auto investors are eagerly awaiting the signing of the auto bill, viewing it as a catalyst for substantial investments and increased production within Nigeria,’’ he added.

Osanipin disclosed that there was a need for a well-structured and effectively implemented auto policy to unlock the vast potential within the automotive industry.

Expressing readiness for collaboration, he affirmed the Council’s commitment to working with key stakeholders, including NAMA, in advancing the NAIDP project.

Chairman of the Nigerian Automobile Manufacturers Association, Bawo Omagbitse, said, “Manufacturers will work closely with NADDC and other relevant authorities for proper implementation of the auto policy.”

“NAMA will develop an internal guidance system to ensure our members operate by the rules and regulations provided in the NAIDP document,” he said.

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