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Brain drain: More than 400 consultant Anaesthetists have left Nigeria in 2 years

The President of the Nigerian Society of Anaesthetists, Dr. Olubusola Alagbe-Briggs, disclosed that over 400 consultant anaesthetists have left Nigeria in the past two years in pursuit of more favourable professional environments abroad.

This revelation was made at the 31st annual scientific conference in Gombe.

Alagbe-Briggs attributed the exodus to the global scarcity of anaesthetists, emphasising the intense, acute, and focused nature of their work.

She noted that foreign countries are actively recruiting Nigerian anaesthetists due to their exceptional skills and expertise.

What She Said

With a significant reduction in the society’s membership from 1,200 to 800, Alagbe-Briggs highlighted the crucial role of improved welfare and access to appropriate medical equipment in stemming the emigration trend among healthcare professionals.

She underscored that unless these conditions are addressed, the migration of medical practitioners and other professionals is likely to persist.

  • “Nigerian professionals are among the best globally, and their skills are highly sought after. However, the shortage of anaesthetists worldwide is compelling countries to pull talent from Nigeria.”
  • “Medical practitioners and other professionals will continue to emigrate until their welfare and available equipment are improved upon.”

She stressed that these factors were pivotal in ensuring the retention of skilled professionals within the country.

Alagbe-Briggs expressed that the gathering in Gombe provides a platform for members to exchange insights, learn from one another, and share research outcomes to advance the field of anaesthesiology in Nigeria.

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