Chelsea and Man City could be relegated after Everton’s penalty

Both teams are under extreme scrutiny for FFP infringements

Chelsea and Manchester City find themselves at risk of relegation as Everton’s 10-point deduction set an unseen precedent in English football.

The Toffees have sunk down to penultimate place in the table after their wrongdoings and nothing better awaits City, nor Chelsea.

The Citizens are facing an alleged 115 breaches of the Premier League financial rules, while the Blues are currently being investigated for infringements during Roman Abramovich’s reign.

Stefan Borson, a lawyer who has advised City, tweeted in regards to Everton’s punishment on Friday: “Without seeing the judgement/award -10 points for Everton feels harsh for a straightforward FFP [Financial Fair Play] breach to me.”

“But reinforces that sanctions against City [if proven] and now Chelsea [if charged and admitted on the off-books payments] will be potentially relegation inducing.”

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