De Bruyne declines to co-write Drake’s song

The Man. City midfielder clarified that it was not him.

Known as 1 of the best passers of a ball in football, Kevin de Bruyne is labeled with ‘assists’ on the pitch.

But the Sky Blues superstar had to take to Instagram to clarify that he wasn’t providing assistance off the pitch after ‘K. De Bruyne’ was listed as a co-writer on rapper Drake’s new single Wick Man.

The song became viral after supporters thought that the footballer was part of the process of Drake’s new song and praised him that he can provide ‘assists’ anywhere.

Belgium international at 1st commented on the Canadian rapper’s post, suggested that he “needed an assist” and shared a picture of the 2 together.

However, after that, Kevin clarified that he was joking and it was not him, but he was a huge Drake fan and that something like that could happen in the future.

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