Edo 2024: The Problem I Have With Obaseki

In anticipation of the upcoming governorship election in Edo State, Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu has expressed his determination to triumph over the candidate endorsed by Governor Godwin Obaseki.

During an appearance on a TVC program on Monday evening, Shaibu asserted that he would secure victory against Obaseki’s chosen candidate due to the overwhelming support he enjoys from the people of the state.

In his words: “Definitely, I’ll defeat the so-called candidate of the governor, not because I have the power, but because Edo people want their own and I am their own. Edo people do not want importation; they want their own.”

Shaibu also highlighted a rift with the governor, attributing it to the interference of certain individuals with governance interests. He noted, ”The problem I have with the governor is that he has allowed certain individuals that have interest in governance to come between us.”

He also emphasized the divergence in their management styles: “He is managing in his own style and the way he feels he can manage it. I am also managing it the way I feel I can manage it.”

Reflecting on the challenges he has faced, Shaibu stated, “When I said I was pressed, but not distressed, I understand the kind of intimidation and oppression I have gone through.”

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